Protecting ALL Infrastructure Is Important

Make 811 Your First Call, But Remember To Call Premier To Have ALL Private Utilities Marked. 


There are two different categories of utilities, Public and Private. Being able to understand the differences will help you protect the job site by keeping the crew safe and on schedule.


Here's What Gets Marked By Calling in An 811 Ticket

  • The main utility feeds & services owned and installed by the utility company.


Heres What Gets Marked By Calling 
Premier Private Locating

  • Underground facilities are owned by the property owner.
  • Utilities can be located even without records, surveys, or prints. 
  • Use of numerous types of equipment: Electro Magnetic, Ground Penetrating Radar, Thermal Imaging, Toneable Rodders, and Camera Snakes.
  • Active, abandoned, metallic, and non-metallic facilities are located. 
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Check Out Our Past Customer's Experiences

Customer Satisfaction and Job Site Safety Is Our #1 Priority

From top to bottom my experience with your company was nothing short of outstanding. Noah was very communicative and very responsive. I have been doing this a long time and have used mark-out companies for quite some time, your field Tech Sal is one of a kind. He takes pride in what he does, is incredibly thorough, and is just a pleasure to deal with. When a company like yours goes above and beyond I think that is it only fair to let you know how well of a job your staff did.

Bill J

Long Island, NY Client

Had a great experience having Premier locate some utilities on my property. Tracy made ordering the mark out super simple and got me scheduled quickly. Russ did an excellent job communicating and accurately marking out everything in the area requested. All around amazing service for a fair price, hands down would recommend!

Frank C

Long Island, NY Client

Premier is a top notch utility locating company. My company has been working with them for several years. And they are truly second to none. All of their markouts are very accurate and their provided mark out sketches are excellent to follow along with. Every time I call them it is usually for an emergency locate job. They oblige my immediate requests 99 out of 100 times. I would HIGHLY recommend them to any contractor looking for a quality utility locating company.

Harris K

Long Island, NY Client

Very prompt and professional. Well worth the money to be sure I didn't damage my private electric utilities in my backyard. I recommended them very highly!! Noah was very helpful and explained it all to me.

Cliff H

Long Island, NY Client

The operator explained what he was doing so that I could understand what he found and the degree of accuracy so that I would understand how close it was safe to dig without risking damage to existing underground electric lines. I was very satisfied with what was done.

Dave M

Up State NY Client

Very friendly office and field staff, extremely accommodating to our last-minute needs. The team was overall pleasant to work with and very fast for scheduling/completion of services!

Kenny P

Long Island, NY Client

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